Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some people laugh at this woman. I think that's the wrong response.

I am very concerned when people are this blind to faith and it's 'ability' to fix all. Wouldn't God just fix things for her, being a Christian and all, anyway? Won't the power of prayer help her family, regardless of who's in office?

The bottom line is she's just a racist. Forget about her faith, forget about her devotion. You know, initially you'd think that her, and others like her, were harmless. But you'd be wrong. That they don't understand the separation of church and state is a fundamental right, and becoming more and more a problem.

Scenarios should be explained to these people. Imagine if senators and representatives were more faith based than anything else. It's too far reaching to really get into, but then just imagine all of the different sects of religion. Who would be right? Who would be prosecuted because of their beliefs? I'm not sure it would be possible for there to be more than one faith under this kind of rule. And we've all heard about how religion has made for some of the deadliest times in human history.

Is God really going to help America, only? And is he going to punish us if Obama gets elected?

This reminds me of those lunatics that said that the California lightning strikes that caused all of the fires were due to the fact of California lifting the ban on gay marriage. You can tie all of these types of people in with those who murder doctors who perform abortions. Bombers who strike clinics. Racists who tie black men with chains up to trucks and drag them for miles. All things that have happened in the last decade.

Just imagine what's going to happen to this country when the first crisis unfolds under an Obama presidency, and who these people are going to blame.

The ramifications of an Obama presidency, in the eyes of these types of individuals, brings to my mind some very nasty scenarios. I think that flipping from faith based to radical won't be too difficult, for some people, come November 5th, and I worry about this a great deal. All it takes is one idiot, who will set in motion events that will get many people killed.

I hope it doesn't come to that. I was going to say 'pray', but I don't think that's going to help.

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