Saturday, September 20, 2008

some articles and videos

Last leg of my trip, I'm in San Francisco. Figured I would put some stuff down, get it off my screen here (it's how I save articles... instead of bookmarking each one, I leave a hundred windows open, and it sure does get crowded!)

First article is on one of the largest political gathering/protests in Alaska. Against Sarah Palin.

If you haven't been on Reddit, you're missing out on some amazing news articles. Here's a great page that I saw, where the poster found that some fact checking on Palin had been removed from the ABC news website, without any explanation, and so the google cached page (along with the text) can be found here.

Here's a letter from Anne Kilkenny, about Sarah Palin, and her experience as a citizen of Wasilla, AK.

Here's a great article on how Republicans are trying to prevent people who've lost their homes in Michigan from voting.

Here are some great videos on different perspectives on... lots of things.

McCain gets interviewed in Maine and can't really answer any direct questions...

Oh, and to round out this entry, here's a list of the 20 most corrupt members of congress.

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